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    Climate scientists have recently reported that the polar ice caps are melting due to a rise in atmospheric temperatures known as the ‘Greenhouse Effect’. According to them, the carbon dioxide given off when coal and oil are burned is accumulating in the atmosphere and causing temperatures to rise. As a result, the ice covering the North and South Poles is melting and may eventually lead to a rise in sea levels which could flood many areas of the world including New York, London and Tokyo.

    The ‘Greenhouse Effect’ is just one of many fundamental changes which are taking place in the environment. Tropical rain forests, which took fifty million years to grow, are being reduced at the rate of fourteen acres per minute. The world’s deserts are growing year after year. Scandinavia’s beautiful lakes are becoming lifeless due to acid rain caused by sulphur dioxide emissions from factories in the west of Germany and Britain. Many species, therefore, are in danger of extinction.

    In the same respect, another famous climate specialist said, “World population growth, the degradation of the Earth’s natural resources and the spread of environment pollution collectively threaten the welfare of mankind”. He added, ‘Words alone, however, will not solve the problem.  If governments do not act quickly and decisively to protect the environment, our planet will soon become uninhabitable”.


    1.Are the following statements true or false according to the text?
    a-Archeologists   have recently reported that the polar ice caps are melting.
    b- Tropical rain forests, which took fifty million years to grow, are being reduced at a high rate.

    2-Answer the following questions according to the text.
    a-Why are the polar ice caps melting?
    b-Is the greenhouse effect the only fundamental change in today’s environment?
    c-What will happen to our planet if governments don’t act quickly to protect the environment?

    3-What or who do the underlined words in the text refer to?
    them§1 →                                     He §3→


    1.Find in the text the synonyms of the following
    regions§1                                         disappearance§2

    2.Complete the table below:

    noun                                               adjective
    nature                                                ............  
    .........                                                 beautiful

    3-Complete sentence (b) so that it means the same as sentence (a)
    1.a-Scientists said ,‘Pollution will continue to threaten the welfare of mankind.’
    b-Scientist said……………………………………………………………….

    2.a-‘Are you for  the ban of smoking in public places ?’ he asked me.
      b-He asked me.......................................

    4-Put the verbs between brackets into the correct form
    a-If we (not stop) pollution now, our planet (be) in a real danger.
    b-If I (have) authority, I would oblige factories to cut their gas emissions.
    c-We must ( to protect) our environment

    Part two: Written expression
    Choose one topic only

    Topic one:
    Write a short composition about pollution explaining its causes and effects, and more importantly how to reduce its negative impact on man’s health and environment. Help yourself with the notes below :
    -causes : smokes/ fumes /cars /factories/ rubbish/ waste/ sewage/oil spills...etc
    -effects : diseases(skin /respiratory)  dirty environment/destruction of the ozone layer...etc
    -reducing the negative impact of pollution : planting tress/ cut down co2 emissions/ using renewable energies...etc

    Topic two: you have recently held a meeting on air pollution in your town .Write the minutes of the meeting.

    Date d'inscription : 01/05/2016
    Localisation : Medea

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