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    third term exam 2nd year


    Date d'inscription : 13/11/2012
    Age : 40
    Localisation : india

    third term exam 2nd year Empty third term exam 2nd year

    Message par ibtissem2 le Dim 28 Avr - 17:03

    Third Term English Exam

    Part one: Reading
    A/ Comprehension: (8pts)
    Read the text carefully then do the activities.

    On May 21st, 2003, a strong earthquake shook Algeria and caused damage in the north of the country. The epicentre was located in the province of Boumerdes about 50 km east of the capital city of Algiers. Boumerdes and the eastern district of the capital city of Algiers were most impacted by the earthquake.
    The earthquake generated a tsunami, which was observed on Southern coast of Spain. Eye witnesses reported a recession of sweaters in coastal sections of Algiers and Boumerdes of about 100 meters. Fishermen in the port of Zemouri–El-Bahri reported that the water depth in the port dropped to a height of less than one meter. The Boumerdes earthquake affected a total population of about 3, 5 million.
    Security forces were deployed in all the affected areas immediately after the earthquake to start the process of identifying the heavily affected areas, providing search and rescue teams and ensuring safety of the population. However, initial efforts to search for victims were done by the local population and the official civil protection teams. Several countries around the Mediterranean Sea mobilized rescue and first aid teams soon after the earthquake.
    The Algerian Red Crescent Society supported by several international humanitarian assistant organizations started the process of providing food, water, sanitation and health care to the victims just a few hours after the earthquake. Donations poured in from all parts of the country and unplanned process for distribution of basic needs took care of the immediate demand.

    Activity one:
    a- Are there any direct quotations in the second paragraph? If so, how many?
    b- Are there any passive sentences in the third paragraph? If so, mention them.

    Activity two: Are these sentences true or false?
    A-Boumerdes and the Eastern district of Algiers were less impacted by the earthquake.
    B- Tsunami was observed on Southern coast of Spain.
    C-Water depth in the port dropped to a height of more than 100 meters.
    D-The official civil protection teams were the only to give assistance to the injured.

    Activity three: Answer the following questions according to the text.
    a- What was the number of people affected by the earthquake?
    b- Was Boumerdes the only district hit by the disaster?
    c- What kind of help did the victims need after the catastrophe?

    Activity four: Find in the text words that are closest in meaning to:
    a- Help = §3 b- Essential≠ §4

    Activity five: Find in the text words that are opposites in meaning to:
    a- weak ≠ §1 b- danger ≠ §3
    Text exploration: (7pts)

    1/ Supply punctuation , capitals and apostrophes where necessary:
    a big devastating tsunami hit many parts of asia such as india the journalist announced

    2/ Re- reorder the following words to make a coherent sentence:
    Thousands -people – and – earthquakes –destroy –year –of –kill –every- many- buildings

    3/ Rewrite sentence (b) so that it means the same as sentence (a):
    a. ‘tsunami destroyed our houses.’ He said.
    b. He said …………………………………………………….
    a. Our houses are completely destroyed.
    b. Tsunami ………………………………………………………
    a. He says: ‘They have already made a conference about the consequences of tsunami.’
    b. He says that………………………………………………..
    a- ‘How many people have died in this earthquake?’ the journalist asked.
    b- The journalist wanted to know…………………

    4/ Classify the following words in the right column:
    Polluted – destroyed - looked – regarded
    /t/ /d/ /id/

    5/ Put the verbs between brackets into the correct tense:
    a-If you ( to heat ) cubes of ice , they ( to melt ).
    b- If Einstein ( not to formulate ) the theory of relativity , the world ( not know ) the atomic bomb.
    c- if it ( rain ) , I ( to stay ) at home.

    Part two: Written expres​sion(5pts)
    Choose one of the following topics:
    Topic 1: you were in Guardaia and saw the natural catastrophe –flooding –that hit it in 2008. Write a letter to your friend who lives in London telling him what happened there.
    Say: -when and where did the flood exactly happen?
    -what was /were its principle cause(s)?
    -what were its consequences?
    -conclude by expressing your feeling/opinion.

    Topic 2:
    In no more than 120 words, write a composition on the following topic:
    Imagine you witnessed the Boumerdes earthquake, tell about it.

    Good luck!

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