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    Civilization : Exercises

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    Activity One
    Reorder the following sentences to make a coherent and meaningful paragraph. One sentence is irrelevant and must be left out.
    a. Many different dynasties ruled the country over almost 3000 years,
    b. and so became part of the Greek world.
    c. The Romans conquered Europe and north Africa.
    d. The civilisation of ancient Egypt dates back to around 3,000 BC
    e. when the first pharaoh was established as ruler of Upper and Lower Egypt.
    f. but in 332 BC it was conquered by Alexander the Great

    Activity Two
    Fill in the gaps with the given words.
    writing – and – allowed – could – developed

    Ancient Egypt..1.. one of the earliest forms of ..2.., hieroglyphics, but very few people..3.. read..4.. write. Only a certain group of people were..5.. to train to be scribes.

    Activity Three
    Matching pairs

    1. Mummification
    a. are well known for the large stone structures such as the Pyramids.
    2. The ancient Egyptians
    b. the subject of fascination; exploration and study for hundreds of years.
    3. The most famous symbols of ancient Egypt c. is the process of preserving the body.
    4. Pyramids have been
    d. are the pyramids

    Activity Four
    Put the verbs between brackets into the right form.

    By 1500 AD the leading groups of people in central Mexico (be)the Aztecs. The Aztecs (found) the city of Tenochtitlan in 1325. At the beginning of the 16th century it (be) one of the largest cities in the world. Over two centuries the Aztecs gradually (expand) their power to include most of central and southern Mexico.

    Activity Five
    Rewrite the following paragraph using the passive

    The Spanish colonists destroyed The buildings in the centre of the city, including the fifty metre high Great Temple, and they settled the area.

    Activity Six
    (vocabulary) Find out the synonyms of the words given on the table below.

    Egyptian burial practices reveal information about religious beliefs, including the belief in an afterlife. This required the body to be preserved. We call this process mummification.

    Words Synonyms
    Eternal life

    Activity Seven

    Fill in the table with the missing words.

    Verb Noun Adjective Adverb
    establish /
    conquered /
    fertile /
    development /
    believe / /
    burial / /
    found / /
    mummification / /

    Activity Eight
    Look and observe
    Buddhism; which had entered earlier from India, grew and seriously threatened the dominant belief in Confucianism.
    Actions: had entered – grew – threatened
    First action: had entered (PAST PERFECT)
    Second action: grew and threatened (SIMPLE PAST)

    Task 1
    Match each sentence from A with each sentence from B so as they make sense.

    A B
    I was furious After I had planted the trees.
    I was nervous during the flight because I had crashed his car
    I was tired after I had read the book
    I saw the film because I hadn’t flown before

    Task 2
    Join the pairs of sentences using the conjunction in brackets. Make any necessary changes.

    a. I spent all my money. I went home. (when)
    b. I gave him a ring. I arrived to London. (as soon as)
    c. He travelled all around the world. He wrote a novel. (after)
    d. I took the book back to the library. I read it. (when)
    e. The golfers met in the clubhouse. They played the last hole. Before)
    f. Mike saved enough money. He bought a computer. (after)
    Task 3
    Fill in the table.

    verbs Past simple Past perfect

    Activity Nine

    (Linking words – contrast)
    Task 1
    Fill in the blanks with one of these linking words.
    Although – despite – in spite of the fact
    1…………..the ground was wet, it was decided to go ahead with United’s game against City.
    2. Daniel forgot his passport…………..…having it on his list.
    3. The goods were never delivered …………the promise we have received.
    4. Mathew doesn’t know any French …………it was one of his school subject.

    Task 2
    Join each pair of sentences. Be careful where you put the words in brackets.

    1. Mike used to smoke. He seems to be in good health. (although)
    2. I couldn’t sleep. I was tired. (despite)
    3. Henry’s friend is a millionaire. He hates spending money. (in spite of the fact)

    Activity Ten
    Used to + infinitive
    It means that something happened regularly or went on for a time in the past.
    Each of the sentences contains an incorrect form of the verb. Correct them to express a habit in the past.
    1. In Ancient times, most people worshiped stones.
    2. The Greek believed in several gods.
    3. In the past, children obeyed their parents.
    4. In the past, people travelled on animals back.

    Activity Eleven
    Translate into English.
    a. توسعت الحضارة الإسلامية في القرن السادس و السابع
    b. غزت أمريكا العراق سنة 2002
    c. ظهرت الحضارة الأمريكية في القرن 19
    d. الحضارة تظهر تتطور ثم تنهار
    e. العلم الثقافة الأدب و الفنون هم مضاهر الحضارة

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