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    3AS Exam 2


    Date d'inscription : 30/05/2012

    3AS  Exam 2 Empty 3AS Exam 2

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    PART ONE: Reading (15 points)
    A) Comprehension: (08 points)
    Read the text carefully and do the activities.
    Transparency International (TI) is a global coalition against corruption. TI believes that it can change attitudes and mores and build zero-tolerance for corruption where the problem is seen as an acceptable fact of life
    Using the words of Nelson Mandela, TI states that "Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world." Therefore anti-corruption education that condemns it and builds the knowledge and skills to resist it can develop people's understanding of their rights and responsibilities for preserving the public good.
    According to TI, if the adults are taught while young that corruption is wrong, there is a chance to break the cycle. They have to be given the ways and means to stand up to corruption. If they know what to do when faced with an ethical dilemma or upfront bribe, it can become a more effective tool in preventing corrupt and unethical behavior by public servants or in business than the most sophisticated codes of conduct, laws and regulations. Anti-corruption laws and institutions are ineffective without people who will not tolerate corruption and will actively fight against it.
    1-Are these statements true or false according to the text?
    a-Anti-corruption education can preserve the public good.
    b-The most powerful weapon that can change the world is money.
    c-According to TI people must be given the ways and means to fight corruption.
    d-We cannot prevent corrupt and unethical behaviour without laws and regulations.
    2-Answer the following questions according to the text.
    a-What is Transparency International?
    b-How can anti-corruption education help people?
    c-Are anti-corruption laws and institutions effective? Why?
    3- In which paragraph is it mentioned that laws cannot fight corruption without good people?
    4-Who or what do the underlined words refer to in the text?
    it (§1) their (§2) who (§3)
    5-Copy the title you think is the most appropriate.
    a-Anti-Corruption Education.
    b-Laws and Education.
    c-TI and Anti-Corruption Education.

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    B-Text Exploration: (07 points)
    1-Find in the text words that are opposite to the following:
    a-punishment (§1) ≠…….. b-weak (§2) ≠…….. c-allowing (§3) ≠……...

    2-Complete the following chart as shown in the example:

    Verb Noun Adjective
    Example: to educate education educated
    ……………………… persuation …………………………
    to corrupt ………………………… …………………………
    ………………………. ………………………… Known

    3- Combine the given pairs of sentences using the words in brackets.
    a- Most adult education is voluntary. The participants are generally better motivated. (Therefore)
    b- The adults are not taught while young that corruption is wrong. There is no chance to break the cycle. (Unless)
    c- Most countries have stringent laws and regulations. They cannot prevent corruption. (Although)

    4- Ask questions that the underlined words answer.
    a- People must fight corruption.
    b- Ethics education can stop corruption.

    5- Classify the following words according to the number of their syllables.
    Chance - global - law - ethical - corruption - learn
    1 syllable 2 syllables 3 syllables

    PART TWO: Written Expres​sion(5 points)
    Choose ONE of the following topics:
    Topic One: Write a composition of 120 to 150 words on the following:
    Do you think is it possible to put an end to corruption in our society? How?

    Topic Two: There are many unethical students’ attitudes in your secondary school.

    Write a letter to the headmaster in which you complain about the consequences of these corrupt practices on the reputation of your school and encourage everyone to act against that.

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