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    classes lettres

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    Part One : Reading And

    A/ Comprehension: Read the text carefully and do the activities.

    Education is a major issue in Madagascar, where two thirds of the population live in severe poverty. Many children, particularly, in rural and remote areas are out of school. To improve this situation especially for those living in the most remote and vulnerable zones, the Ministry of Education has been working, since 2005, to develop distance education via radio programmes.
    The main audience for the programmes are children aged between five and nine years. The 15 Minutes programmes will be broadcast four times. It is hoped that the programmes will encourage, out-of-school into the classrooms.During re-broadcasting on Saturday afternoons, parents can listen with children. A special focus is placed on developing life skills, such as self-esteem, getting along with others, communication, gender equality, assessing risks, decision making and protecting the environment.
    “Children learn most when they are having fun. I am convinced that these radio programmes will contribute towards access to and quality of education in Madagascar,” says a UNICEF representative.
    1/ The text is about :

    a) Education in Madagascar
    b) Distant education programmes
    c) Home schooling

    2/ Say whether the following statements are true or false according to the text .
    a) All children in Madagascar have access to education .
    b) The children like the programmes because they are amusing .
    c) Many children who are out of school live in big cities .
    d) The programme is meant to develop children’s personality .

    3/ Answer the following questions according to the text .
    a) Who is concerned by radio programmes ?
    b) Do radio programmes help make education better in Madagascar ?
    c) What do these radio programmes focus on ?

    4/ The text is :
    a) expository b)argumentative

    B/ Text Exploration
    1/ Match the words with their opposites .

    words opposites
    1) to worsen a) major
    2) minor b) to improve
    3) lenient c) teach
    4) learn d severe

    2/Classify the following words in the table below :
    Educational inequality

    prefix root suffix

    3/ Rewrite the sentences using the words in brackets :

    a) There are more girls than boys at school. (not as…..as)
    b) Unless pupils remain silent, teachers can’t start the lesson. (if)
    c) Good teachers should translate information into relevant knowledge. (had better)

    4/ Classify the words according to the number of their syllables .
    a) severe b)hoped c)broadcasting d)educate

    5/ Fill in the gaps with words from the list below :
    take - pass - for - language - to - free

    Education in Algeria is …1….and compulsory until the age of 16. Arabic is the official …2…. During the first nine years of education. At the lycées, there are two programmes: general and technical. At the end of the third year of lycée, students …3…. An examination to qualify …4…. a general or technical baccalaureate. Passing the baccalaureate, allow students to go on the higher education .

    Part Two : Written Expression (5pts)
    Choose one of the following topics .

    Topic 01 :
    using the following notes,write a composition of about 100 words on the following topic .
    What is the importance of school in our life ?
    -provide knowledge - helps and develop the child’s personality
    - an open door to the world - to get involved in the social life

    Topic 02 : In your opinion, can feeling be taught at schools ? Justify your opinion .


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