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    second term english exam

    teacher Med

    Date d'inscription : 16/10/2012
    Age : 36
    Localisation : chlef

    second term english exam Empty second term english exam

    Message par teacher Med le Ven 14 Mar - 18:18

    PART ONE: Reading ( 14pts )
    Nowadays , school discipline involves some form of detention or the removal of privileges .Not so long ago , however, a further option was corporal punishment – the use of a cane or leather strap, until it was abolished in state schools in 1986 , but not in independent school
    In practice, very few independent schools now use corporal punishment. Out of 1,000 schools in the independent sector, less than 1 per cent still uses it to discipline pupils.
    Why does this small group of schools still hang on to such an outdated form of punishment? We spoke to the headmistress of one such school to find out. Mss Smith still believes firmly in the use of corporal punishment. “What I am doing is saying you have done wrong and giving them a smack there and then. It is immediate. I believe this is much better than what I can only describe as prolonged mental torture,” she explains.
    In the opposite is Mss .Taylor, another headmistress, who believes that the use of corporal punishment brings the independent schools into disrepute. “I believe if you can’t control children other than by beating them, then you should not be in the profession.”
    At this school, pupils failing to produce homework might expect detention. Smoking is met with the use of sanctions such as being grounded, the loss of privileges and regular reporting to authority. Most independent schools operate similar disciplinary procedures and parents seem to agree with this approach.
    1. Are the following sentences true or false?
    a. corporal punishment is used in private schools.
    b. The majority of independent schools use corporal punishment.
    c. Both Mss. Taylor and Mss. Smith use corporal punishment.
    d. Mss. Taylor doesn’t believe in corporal punishment.
    2. In which paragraph the view in favour of corporal punishment is mentioned?
    3. Answer the following questions according to the text:
    a. Why does Mss. Smith use corporal punishment?
    b. What kind of punishment does Mss. Taylor use?
    c. List the kind of punishments mentioned in the text.
    4. Who or what do the underlined words refer to in the text?
    a. it (§1) b. I (§2) c. this (§3)
    5. Give a title to the text.
    B/Text Exploration: ( 07pts )
    1. Find in the text words that are opposite in meaning to the following.
    a) reward (§1) ≠ … b) gain (§3) ≠ …
    2. Complete the following chart as shown in the example
    Verb Noun Adjective
    Example: To educate education educaional
    ……………. discipline ……………..
    ……………. …………… deep
    To perform
    3. Combine the following sentences using the appropriate connector between brackets. Make any necessary
    changes :

    a. They practise corporal punishment. Children have become obedient. (Since)
    b. In some schools corporal punishment is not allowed. Some teachers still use it. (Even though)
    4. Rewrite sentence (b) so that is means the same as sentence (a).
    1. a) “ Why does this small group of schools hang on to an outdated form of punishment?”,she claimed.
    1. b) She claimed……………………………………………….
    2.a) pupils failing to produce homework might expect detention
    2.b) Detention…………………………………………………..
    5. . Classify the following words according to the pronunciation of their final “s”:
    Ages –friends – mixes - subjects
    / s / / z / / iz /

    PART TWO: Written Expres​sion(06pts)
    Choose ONE of the following topics:
    Topic one: Using the following notes , write a letter of about 120 to 150 words to a British penfriend describing the educational system in Algeria.
    - Types of schools : primary , middle , secondary
    - Subjects: maths , physics ,…
    - Streams: literary, ...
    - Degrees: BEM, BAC.
    Topic two: Write a composition of about 120 to 150 words on the following topic:
    Bribery is an evil that must be eradicated from our society. What are its effects and how can it be fought?

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