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    project: 02 Sequence: 01 Lesson:


    Date d'inscription : 03/11/2009
    Localisation : Algérie

    project: 02 Sequence: 01 Lesson:  Empty project: 02 Sequence: 01 Lesson:

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    Teacher: MR.D Level:  3 A.M.
    project: 02 Sequence: 01 Lesson:
    Function: Make future arrangements Leg. Form: present continues. Wh qqs.
    N. Lexis: How do you do?, Great to see you V. Aids: Pictures, C.B and gestures.
    Objective: learners will be able to make future arrangements using going to.

    timing Rational Procedure Pupils’ task
    Creating a suitable atmosphere so that learners can express their ideas and experiences

    Skimming the text

    Get the gist ( main idea) the appropriate strategy(skimming)

    Adjust reading speed for purpose /task to guide learners to deeper comprehension of the text.

    Integrate reading and cheking answers.

    Read to  and talk about what we read
    Integrate interactions skills.

    T. consolidate learners learning and understanding of the content.                          

    Stage one:                Pre-reading
    Step one:  T.asks learners to open their books page 58.
    Step two:  T.invites learners to pay attention to the AD and answer the following questions:
    A- What is the AD about?
    B- Who wrote it?
    C- What is it about?
    D- Are you going on holidays on summer? If yes, where are you going to travel?how are you going to get there? How long are you going to stay there?
    E- Which of the holiday destinations in the advertisement do you prefer?why?

    Stage two:              during reading
    Reading one: get the main idea.
    Teacher makes reading strategy explicit by:
    a) Reading the text quickly and learners skim
    Task one: (l-c): learners skim the post card and answer the following questions:
    *How many paragraphs are there in the post card?
    *In which paragraph does tom describe Jijel?

    Reading two: (more specific information)
    Strategy: changing reading speed (LC)
    Task two: read the postcard again and put true or false:
    • Tom is sending his post card to his friends.
    • Tom is in bejaia.
    • Bejaia is very far from Jijel.
    Reading three: tell the learners that now we are going to have all the details about the post card. You have to read very slowly.

    Task three:  (LC): read the post card and answer the following questions:
    A- Who wrote the post card?
    B- What country is he visiting?
    C- Which place in that country is he visiting?
    D- Where is he going tomorrow?
    E- How long is he staying there?
    F- When is he going to send photos?

    Stage three:   post reading
    Step one:Practice ( groupe work)
    • T. Explains the instructions of activity 3 and 1 page 59 to learners.
    • T.invites learners to do the activity 3 and 1 page 59.
    • T.explians the instructions  of activity 2 and 3 page 60.
    • Learners are invited to do the activity 2 and 3 page 60.
    Step two: homework assignment:
    Imagine you have already made your holiday plans. A friend of yours has asked you to tell her/him about the plans. Write a reply of about 8 lines giving information about your plans.

    Comment, listen and take notes .

    Read quickly and answer.

    Learners skim and do the task in pairs

    Scan the text and see which sentences are right and which are wrong.

    Scan the text and get answers

    Interact orally with teacher about what must be taken into account.

    In pairs do the act and discuss by sharing.

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