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    exam paper1 presented by aicha beya zazar


    Date d'inscription : 03/11/2009
    Localisation : Algérie

    exam paper1 presented by aicha beya zazar Empty exam paper1 presented by aicha beya zazar

    Message par Administrateur le Mer 13 Oct - 19:00

    PARTI :Reading and Interpreting: (15pts)

    In many parts of the world people do not hesitate to engage in activities that do not comply with the basic patterns of ethics. The absence of legal structures to control their business and the spread of poverty and illiteracy in their land encourage the birth of all sorts of unlawful practices. The illegal means they handle in a context of total impunity enables them to acquire vast fortunes and hold immense influence over their communities.
    In Asia and in Africa but also in South America, the widespread usage of child labour by merciless employers and the expanding trade in drugs and narcotics dominated by powerful groups are vivid examples of the barbarous features that take grip of human societies.
    We also find that bribery and the embezzlement of public funds by some individuals take alarming proportions in many nations. At the same time the unauthorized sale of fire arms and the marketing of suspicious medicines which consumption is proved harmful for sick people, are unethical practices that are carried out by international organisations that no authority is able to check and to penalize.
    All these transgressions to law and morality weaken the resources of the state and impair the social condition of the inhabitants because of the tax evasion they generate in every country.
    From "Progress in English Practice" Idir Boussad

    1- The text is about:(1pt) a- Poverty and illiteracy. b- Unethical and unlawful practices. c- Tax evasion.
    2- Choose the letter a, b or c which best completes the sentence:(1pt) A- Unlawful practices enable some people to acquire.........
    a- respect ; b- success ; c- fortunes B- The non-respect of law and morality reduces........
    a- the state's incomes ; b- criminality ; c- poverty
    3- Find to which paragraph each idea belongs:(1pt)
    a- Law is totally absent to check the acts of wrong-doers. b- Businesses engaged by some people do not comply with ethics.
    4- Answer these questions:(3pts)
    a- Are the values of ethics respected everywhere in the world?

    b- What consequence does tax evasion have on people's life?
    5- Match each word in A with its right definition in B:(2pts) A B
    1- Hesitate a - existing in many parts
    2- Illiteracy b - act with uncertainty and fear
    3- Widespread c- make less strong and less healthy
    4- Impair d- state of not being able to write and read
    6- Find in the text the right opposite of each word:(2pts)
    a-The presence (§1) b- discourage (§1) c- private (§3) d- groups (§3)
    7- Rewrite sentence b so as it means the same as sentence a:(3pts)
    1- a- He said he would consult his family about the event. b- He said: ".................................................."
    2- a- He ordered me: "Don't remove the documents from the desk." b- He ordered me..............................................................
    3- a- Pass your exam and you'll make a nice trip. b-If .....................................................
    8- Reorder these sentences into a coherent paragraph. One sentence is irrelevant and must be left out:(1pt)
    - of their goods and reduce their prices.
    - The technology of a high level is used today by the firms in Europe.
    - Multinational companies are obliged to do social auditing which
    - thanks to it they are able to improve the quality
    9- Classify these words according to the number of their syllables:(1pt) Practice - trade - bribery - regulations
    PART2: Writing: (5pts) Choose one of these topics:
    Topic 1: Use these notes to write a composition on: what type of behaviour you expect from shop keepers when you do your shopping?
    - Be polite
    - Have human qualities like honesty, fairness, sincerity Be reliable and friendly
    - Be professional and clever Show respect
    Topic 2: Write a composition explaining what are the labour standards and why businessmen have to respect them?

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