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    exam paper presented3 by aicha beya zazar


    Date d'inscription : 03/11/2009
    Localisation : Algérie

    exam paper presented3 by aicha beya zazar Empty exam paper presented3 by aicha beya zazar

    Message par Administrateur le Jeu 14 Oct - 6:01

    Read the text carefully then do the activities.

    One of the great impacts of advertisements on consumers is over consumption. This latter, actually, can turn into a bad behaviour and cause many problems. People who "shop till they drop" and run their credit cards up to the limit are often considered as shopping addicted. Despite that compulsive shopping and spending makes a person feel worse, shopaholics believe that if they shop, they will feel better.
    Compulsive shopping or spending can be a seasonal balm, especially in special occasions. Shopaholics spend most of their time shopping in supermarkets and malls, buying products they don't really need, partly because they feel attracted by the image of the product, and the want to get it is bigger than the amount of money they will spend.
    Sopaholics when they feel out of sort, shop for a "pick me up". They go out and buy, to get a "rush" just like a drug or alcohol addict. This behaviour, generally is due to depression, loneliness and anxiety. In some cases shopaholics have an emotional "black out". If their family or friends begin to complain about their purchases, they will often hide the things they buy. Since they cannot pay their bills and credit suffers, they have collection agencies attempting to get what is owed, or may have legal, social and relationship problems. They sometimes take an extra job to pay for bills.
    Therefore, shopping and spending does not assure more love and self-esteem or heal the hurts, regrets and problems of daily living, it rather makes these feelings worse because of increased financial debt obtained from compulsive shopping.

    A/ Reading :(8pts)
    1/The text above is:
    a- expository b- argumentative
    2/ Choose a suitable title to the text:
    a- Shopaholism: Causes and Effects.
    b- Shopaholism: Consumption and Over consumption.
    c- Shopaholism: The Consequence of Avertisement.

    3/ Choose the right answer (a, b or c):
    A/ Over consumption is ………………….of advertisement.
    a- the only effect b- among the many effects c- among the few effects

    B/ Shopaholics are people who buy……………………………………………………..
    a- out of needs. b- for style. c- to meet their needs.

    C/ People become shopaholic because they are…………………………....................
    a- happy. b- rich. c- stressed.

    D/ Shopaholics find themselves in debt; consequently, this leads to………………….
    a- many conflicts. b- self-satisfaction. c- mental disorders.
    4/ Answer the following questions according to the text:
    a- Who are the shopaholics?
    b- Why do shopaholics buy more products?
    c- Do shopaholics reach self-satisfaction after shopping? Why?

    5/ What do the underlined words or phrases refer to in the text:
    a- This latter (§1) b- they (§1) c- This behaviour (§3) d- it (§4)

    B/ Language Study: (7pts)

    1/ Match each word with its definition:

    Compulsive Somebody's attitudes and manners.
    Shopaholic Driven by a desire that is impossible to control.
    Consumption A person who has a strong desire to buy and cannot stop shopping.
    behaviour The using up of food, energy or resources.

    2/Combine the following sentences using the connectors (since) then (as a consequence):
    a- Shopaholic people spend a lot of money. They very often find themselves in debt.

    3/ Fill in the blanks with only four (4) words from the list below:
    ( happiness – need – convince – many – goods – much )
    …1… cannot be purchased in the market place, no matter how …2…advertisements try to…3…you of it. To feel pleased, buy just what you …4….

    4/ Classify the following words according to the pronunciation of the final (S):
    a- purchases b- shopaholics c- jobs d- products

    PART TWO: Written Expres​sion(5pts)

    Topic One: Use the following notes to write a well thought composition about the impact of advertising on people.
     Advertisements / manipulate and persuade / buy products / shape the consumer's desires.
     People encouraged / consume expensive products / wasting money.
     Over consumption / addicted to shopping / financial and relationship troubles.

    Topic Two: which advice can you give to consumers in order to avoid being shopaholic?

    Date d'inscription : 19/10/2010

    exam paper presented3 by aicha beya zazar Empty Re: exam paper presented3 by aicha beya zazar

    Message par soniaranda le Dim 24 Oct - 17:51

    Thank you for your effort

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