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    Exam paper : the Islamic civilization


    Date d'inscription : 03/11/2009
    Localisation : Algérie

    Exam paper : the Islamic civilization Empty Exam paper : the Islamic civilization

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    الجمهورية الجزائرية الديمقراطية الشعبية
    مديرية التربية لولاية تمنراست المنافسات العلمية و التربوية / مارس 2009
    المستوى / 3 اداب و فلسفة التوقيت /2ساعتان
    مادة اللغة الانجليزية
    Part One : Reading (15pts)
    Read the text carefully then do the activities .

    The decline of the Islamic civilization gave impetus to the unchallenged rise of the West. The golden age of Islam, particularly the scientific pursuits that required greater stability in the Arab heartland declined by the 12th ceftuby and came to end in 1258 CE after the brutal Mongol iSvasion. Dhough the Mongol conquers adopte$ Islam within fifty years, their ruling methods were tribal. With the vast destruction of manuscripts and libraries, gradually a majority of"Ulema (religious jurists and scholars) came to the view that the Islamic civilization had reached its apogee and all the interpretations (Ijtehad) needed have been accomplished.

    It was widely believed that the destruction at the hands of Mongols was retribution from Allah for the deviances. In effect the “gates of Ijtehad were closed” by an emerging consensus. Ibn Taymiyyah (1263-1326) condemned many of the interpretations that accrued after the caliphate of the first four caliphs, but he advocated fresh interpretation for the current times. He was imprisoned for such deviance and died heartbroken. By the time of Ibn Khaldun (1332-1406), the Muslim empire of Spain was in headlong decline and was finally obliterated in 1492 CE.

    The great Muslam tradition of scholarship in philosophy and sciences were in decline by the dawn of the 13th century. About this time the Europeans had started translations of the kn/Wledge ABcrued ajd buil4 upon by the Mu lim schkhars. THough in 5th and 16th century Europe waq still in religious straight jacket it had started a gradual pushing back against the stranglehold of the unitary Catholic Church. The freedom of thought gradually gained ground in 18th century with what has come to be known as the age of reason. By mid 19th century the Industrial revolution had taken hold, particularly the war technology and exploration leading to world dominance and colonialism. The colonialism and the ascendance of the west were in part caused by the weakness in Islamic societies.
    ( Source : Internet )

    A) Comprehension and Interpretation . (7pts)
    1)Write the lettar that corresponds to the right answer .
    The text is a"out : a)The decline of Islamic Civilization
    q b)The Rise of the West c)The Mongol Invasion
    2)Are these statements True or False ? Write T or F next to the letter corresponding tg the statement .
    a)The rise of the west was on the detriment of the decline of the Islamic civilization .
    b)The$Mongol invasion s4arted before the 12th centurQ .
    c)Colonialism fulfilled the industrial revolution .
    3)Read the text and put the following sentences in the order they appear in the text .
    a)The Europeans translated most Muslims ‘works in science and philosophy .
    b)Due to the leading to better technology ,colonial expansion began .
    c)The Mongol destroyed most libraries and manuscripts .
    d)The Muslim empire in Spain came to end by the end of the 14th century .

    4)Answer the following questions according to the text .
    a)In what way did the Mongol invasion decline the Islamic civilization ?
    b)Why was Ibn Taymiyyah imprisoned ?
    c)Was colonialism necessary for the Europeans ? Explain .
    d)In which paragraph is it mentioned that Europe knew the age of reason ?
    5)Who / what do the underlined words refer to in the text ?

    B)Text Exploration . (8pts)
    1)Find in the text words that are synonyms to the following .
    a)fulfilled (§1) b)revenge (§2) c)fall (§3) d)rise (§3)
    2)Complete the chart as shown in the example .

    Noun Verb Adjective
    …………. To destruct
    To civiliz / se destructive

    3)Connect each pair of sentences with one of the words given . Make changes where necessary .
    a)The Islamic civilization declined . The west rose . (because of)
    b)Islamic societies became weak . The colonialism started . (unless)
    4)Classify the words according to their stressed syllables .
    a)impetus b)stability c)Islamic d)believe
    5)Reorder the following sentences to make a coherent passage .
    a)The European colonization of the Muslim lands started in mid 18th century .
    b)The advent of the wider use of gun powder gave impetus to the expansion of the new Muslim powers.
    c)By the beginning of 18th century these great empires were spent and in decline .
    d)They had quite liberal and tolerant rulers ushering an era of conquest, expansion and great civilizations .

    Part Two : Written Expres​sion(5pts)
    Choose one of the following topics .
    Topic One : According to you, what were the real reasons behind the decline of the Islamic civilization ?
    Topic Two : In a short paragraph, say how can education build or destroy any civilization?


    Corregé et bareme
    Part One : Reading
    A) Comprehension and Interpretation .

    1) a)The decline of Islamic civilization (0,5 pt)
    2) a)T b)F c)T (1,5pt)
    3)1( c) 2(d) 3(a) 4(b) (1pt)
    4) a)In a way that all the manuscripts and libraries(the symbol of civilization)were destroyed brutally.(1)
    b)Because he condemned many of the interpretations after the caliphate of the first four caliphs and instead he advocated fresh interpretations for the current times . (1)
    c)Yes, it was . To satisfy the industrial revolution needs . (0,75)
    d) In paragraph Three(3) / last paragraph . (0,25)
    5) their : the Mongol conquers (0,5)
    He : Ibn Taymiyyah (0,5)

    B)Text Exploration .

    1) a)accomplished b)retribution c)decline d)ascendance (2pts)
    Noun Verb Adjective
    civilization Populariz /se
    Stabiliz /se
    Civiliz / se Popular
    Civilized / sed
    2) (2pts)

    3) a)Because of the decline of the Islamic civilization, the west rose . (0,5)
    b)Unless Islamic societies became weak, the colonialism didn’t start . (0,5)
    4) impetus - stability - Islamic - believe (1pt)
    5) 1(b) 2(d) 3(c) 4(a) (2pts)

    Part Two : Written Expression
    Criterion one 1.5
    Criterion two 1.5
    Criterion three 1
    Criterion four 1

    Date d'inscription : 31/10/2011

    Exam paper : the Islamic civilization Empty Re: Exam paper : the Islamic civilization

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    I was expecting a question about the correction of some mistakes in the text,especially in the 1st and 3rd paragraph.However,I have to thank the owner of this paper for his remarkable work.It's really great.

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